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    - 32 Channels - 6 Dual Functioning Programmable Front Panel Keys - 50W or 25W Power Output - 100W Power Amplifier Unit (Optional) - PLL Step Sizes: 2.5/5.0/6.25 kHz - Low Level and High Level Encryption Options - CTCSS Reverse Burst with Programmable Length - 3.15" Square Cooling Fan with "Malfunction" Sensor Output - Multi-Tone Decode - 5-Step Command Sequence for Startup, Power Source: Main to Sub, and Sub to Main - CW ID and CW Messages Selected by Trigger - Coaxial relay Drivers for Single Antenna Operation; Also TX Attenuator - Programmed Message Banks for Maintenance Logs or Any Other Free Text - Repeater Occupation Settings to Hold the Last Tone Code (Preset Timer) - Built In Audio Voice Companding Unit - Channel Scanning With Priority Channel - Automatic DC Backup Switching with Alert - Optional Built In Power Supply Unit FP-31